Yoga with Aleena

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor

About me

Yoga has been a part of my life since childhood. Growing up in India, it was a part of my school curriculum. I thoroughly enjoyed doing meditation, chanting and pranayama kriya (breath control practice) and often used several of those practices when I was unable to sleep, tired or lacked energy.


I have been practising Yoga for many years now and can swear by its benefits. I have not only gained physical strength and flexibility but also become emotionally more aware. As a full-time management consultant, I have deadlines to meet, projects to deliver and presentations to make, and yoga has made me get through these stressful situations like a breeze.


To formalise my yoga education, in 2018, I enrolled with YogaLondon and qualified as a yoga teacher (200-hour YTT). I’m now passionate about sharing the things I’ve learned over the years with others keen to explore the benefits of yoga.


My objective is to help you learn not only the physical postures of yoga but more importantly understand their impact on your anatomy and physiology. I want to help you explore other nuances of yoga like meditation, relaxation and pranayama (breath control) that can help you in day to day activities. I'm based in Greenwich, London. 

Yoga at Home

Vinyasa flow classes for beginners

I have started group classes at FitStudioz in Greenwich All these classes are only for beginners who have little or no experience of yoga. In my group classes I will incorporate breathing exercises, followed by sun salutations, series of standing or sitting sequences and end with 5- 10 mins of relaxation.


If you would like to have undivided attention and focus on a particular objective, I would recommend a private session. Currently, I am running private yoga classes only for beginners. The private session can be held in your own home, or at my home in Greenwich.


Before booking your first private class, I recommend a consultation session which could last between 30 to 60 mins. This will help me understand your needs and objectives from the private class. Based on our chat, I will design a bespoke course best suited to your goals.

Private session


 £40 for one class

£35 per class if you book 6 classes

£5 off if you refer a friend


My place or yours

Group classes  

Currently I am not running any group classes. Once I do, I will update the schedule of classes here shortly


What do I teach?

I teach Vinyasa flow yoga. Vinyasa flow yoga is a modern style of yoga where each movement is linked with breath. Beginners often complain about tightness in shoulders and hips. I will get you to do poses that will help you loosen and build strength in those areas. I also teach you meditation and breath control techniques to calm the mind.

My classes start with pranayama (breathing techniques), warm up exercise followed by sun salutations, then a series of standing and sitting sequences and end with relaxation exercises.

Tips for Beginners

  • Wear comfortable clothes

  • Buy a good quality yoga mat. If you tend to sweat in your hands and feet during practice, I will advice you to buy a non-slip yoga mat

  • Buy blocks or/and bricks and a strap. These props enables a beginner to go deeper into poses without injuring their body

  • Feel free to get a towel if you tend to sweat a lot

  • Keep a bottle of water next to your mat. Although traditionally during yoga one doesn't drink water because the heat and the warmth generated in the body helps detoxify the internal organs. As a beginner you are welcome to sip water in between the practice

  • Avoid having any heavy meal before the class. ideally leave 2 hours gap between a meal and yoga practice

  • Bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm in the class and don't forget to enjoy 

Get In Touch

Drop me an email if you have any questions


Thank you for getting in touch. Somone will get back to you shortly.